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Comments from Participants of MDA

Comment from Warwick Graco

Dear Petra,

Many thanks for the conference. You and your staff did a terrific job organizing and delivering it. Both tasks are big challenges at the best of times. So I am amazed how well you cope with the administration and management required to get these events off the ground and running smoothly.

I have attended many data mining conferences over the years. I have to confess that ICDM and MLDM are the best I have attended when it comes to leading-edge developments. I always come away with the sense of satisfaction that I have learned much from the presentations and discussion.


Warwick Graco
Senior Director Operational Analytics
Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer
Civic ACT 2600, Australia


Comment from Prof. Dr. Patrick Wang

Summary and Outlook of the Worldcongress on The Frontiers in Intelligent Data and Signal Analysis DSA2011 from Prof. Dr. Patrick Wang

I attended International Conferences on MDA (Mass Data Analysis of Images and Signals), held in Newark Wyndham Garden Airport Hotel, August 27 - September 3, 2011. The conference is part of joint conferences of World Congress - The Frontiers in International Data and Signal Analysis, including MDA, MLDM (Machine Learning and Data Mining) and ICDM (Industrial Conference on Data Mining), organized and sponsored by the Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences, chaired by founding President Prof. Petra Perner of Leipzig, Deutschland - homeland of Bach.

It was very successful, pleasant and fruitful. All attendees were from all over the world, mainly USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. The main themes of the 3 joint conference have different nature, yet are closely related to each other, so that interested people can take advantage of it and learn much by interacting each other and share their experiences, in such a short period time frame, under the same roof. They all enjoyed tutorials, oral presentations and posters, as well as two keynote talks by: Dr. Dan Steinberg of Salford Systems USA on "Interaction Detection With TreeNet Boosted Tree Ensembles", and Prof. Patrick Wang of USA on "Recent Development of Intelligent Pattern Recognition and Applications". They are very inspiring and stimulating learning experience, for both speakers and attendees. We all eye witness and are glad to be part of rapid growth of this exciting field of Machine Learning, Data Mining and Image and Vision Processing.

In the joint conferences, there have been 3 nominees for best papers in each of the MDA, MLDM and ICDM conferences and one nominee for Young Professional Best Paper Award. After serious competition and committee evaluations, the winners of best paper awards are : Prof. Victor Sheng of University of Central Arkansas/USA for ICDM, Juliane Perner Max-PlanckMax-Planck Institute for Informatic, Computational Biology and Applied Algorithmics/Germany for ICDM Young Professional Best Paper Award and Dr. Marco Tampuci of CNR/Italy for MDA, and Dr. Nenad Tomasev Institute Jozef Stefan/Slovenia for MLDM.

This 6th conference is the first time held at USA, in a series of conferences by the World Congress - The Frontiers in Intelligent Data and Signal Analysis DSA2011. Previous ones were all held in the city of Leipzig except the 5th at Berlin. It is planned to be held alternatively and annually between Berlin and Newark from 2012 on. It's a pity that around a quarter of pre-registered professionals were not able to attend due to Hurricane Irene.

Hopefully, for those who missed this excellent event this time, and those who are interested in learning more from the Congress, we all can meet again at next year's Joint Conferences 2012 of MDA, MLDM and ICDM at the beautiful and historical city of Berlin --- Capital of Germany and the Center of Arts, Music, Science and Technology of the World (

See you at Berlin, Deutschland (Germany), July 13 - 20, 2012

Prof. Dr. Patrick Wang, USA , September 7, 2011
Northeastern University, Boston,
East China Normal University, Shanghai, and
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei

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